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UPDATE (7/2/13): With my reading habits completly out of whack with everything else happening in my life at the moment, I have decided to only read the books that I have bought for myself or gifted at this time, and I am currently not accepting books for review.

I review books that I read. Simple!

As this blog is my hobby rather than my job, I prefer to read and review books that I think I’m going to enjoy. This is predominantly a YA book blog. Therefore the books reviews on this blog will fall into the following categories
  • Paranormal (YA and Adult)
  • Dystopia (YA)
  • Contemporary (YA)
  • Fantasy (Urban, Fairy-tale and High)
I also read New Adult books. Before I didn't consider it a seperate genre but now that it seems to have a name, I thought I needed to mention it.

N.B If your book does not fall directly into one of these above genres but is still Young Adult I may still consider it. 
I do not review:
  •  Most Adult titles (Paranormal Romance is an exception)
  • Poetry
  • Non-fiction
  • Religion specific books (eg. Christian books)  
  • Anthologies (unless there is a story in there connected to a full series)
All reviews are of books that I have bought/won/gifted unless otherwise stated.

All the synopsises are taking from Goodreads. 

I am willing to accept books for review (either ARC or finished copies) from publishers/authors so please contact me by email areadersdevotion[at] 
I accept both paper and e-book copies (I need to be able to read the e-book on a Kindle).I do accept self-published YA titles (Mature/College/ YA included) as long as they fall into the above categories. 

Every book that I read will get a Star Rating, even the ones I don’t finish. However I do not promise your book will get a review. If I do accept your book but in the end decide not to write a review, I will inform you via e-mail stating my reasons.

N.B This doesn't happen very often and I am more likely to write a review for a book I have received for review.

All my reviews are my own honest opinion either positive or negative. If the review is negative I try to be cautious about authors feelings.
After all it is your work. Please state if you want a guarantee link to the published review or if you want it published by a specific time.

My reviews will get posted on this blog and my Goodreads page. They may get published on if I believe them to decent enough. (I am my own worst critic.)

If you would like to contact me, please send me an e-mail at:

P.S. I have receive more books for review than I have time to read. This means I have to be selective which books I select. I read the synopsis for each book that I have sent to me but please don't be disheartned if I do not respond to your e-mail.

Ratings System
5 Stars -Absolutely Amazing. Couldn’t put it down. Thinking about the story and characters long after I put the book down. Want to continue series ASAP. Highly Recommended.
4 ½ Stars - Amazing. Definitely want to continue the series. Almost the same feelings about a 4 star just missed a little something to hit the 5 star. Highly recommended.
4 Stars -Very good. Enjoyed it. Will continue series just maybe not straight away. Recommended.
3 1/2  Stars - Good. There were parts of it I really like but not all of it. Recommended.
3 Stars -  it was ok. Had potential but didn’t quite make it. Average. May continue the series.
2 Stars - Boring. Struggled to get through. Will not continue the series. Not recommended.
1 Star  - Very boring. Could not even finish. Avoid! 

Each of my reviews on my blog has a badge. These indicate the genre of the book and look as follows:

                 Contemporary                      Paranormal                           Dystopian

All clipart images come from
My Goodreads account is more regularly updated than my blog. On there are all the books I have read since August 2009 with ratings. Feel free to Friend/Follow me if you so wish.

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