Saturday, 26 May 2012

Stacking the Shelves #3

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 Finally my exams are over and I am free for the summer! That means one thing. Lots and lots of reading. I will be doing other things as well. There are four major things that are happening this summer. Planning to do a post on that as they are book related. Yay! Summer.

Ok so I got a few books this week


From Amazon
  • Hourglass (Hourglass #1) by Myra McIntyre *Goodreads*
  • Dengeki Daisy Vol.2 by Kyousuke Motomi   *Goodreads*
For Kindle
  • Lethal Rider (The Lords of Deliverance #3) by Larissa Ione  *Goodreads*

Deneki Daisy was supposed to arrive awhile ago but it was late so I finally got it, after Vol. 3. Oh well what can you do. 

With the announcement of Timepiece, the sequel to Hourglass, it reminded me that I have yet to read it. So I have it and I plan to read it before the sequel arrives. 

I love Larissa Ione. She is one of my favourite Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy author. I love pretty much everything she writes. Check out her Demonica series before starting The Lords of Deliverance as the characters in Demonica are mentioned in it.It's set after Demonica but not a continuation.

Now I should be packing as I am going home today. Can't believe that I have lived here since October, and now I am going, and not coming back :(. In the UK, you only live in Campus accommodation for the first year so next year I'm living in a private house. That is going to be weird. 

What books did you get this week?


  1. Yay for summer vacation and congrats on finishing your first year of uni. I haven't read any of the books you mentioned, but I've seen Hourglass everywhere and the cover is gorgeous.

  2. Yeah for summer vacation! LOVE Larissa Ione's stuff! Happy reading :) I hope you'll drop by and check out my StS post for this week :)

  3. This is the second post with a Larissa Ione book. Why have I not heard of her series before?! I feel so left out hahhahaah. I must pick these books up now so I can understand the love =)

    Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves: STS

  4. I also need to read Hourglass.
    I've moved for good in March since I have two exams before graduation. I was really sad. Enjoy your summer!
    Following through GFC.
    Here's my StS.

  5. I can't wait to read lethal rider!

  6. I read and enjoyed Hourglass, hope you will as well.


    New GFC follower

  7. Lethal Rider looks so good! I need to get it :)
    Enjoy :)

    New email follower (amugglesmagicalbookblog at yahoo).

    The Muggle
    -My Stacking The Shelves

  8. Awesome haul of books. I hope you enjoy them all.
    I also bought Lethal Rider as well.


  9. I still need to read Hourglass as well- it's kind of nice to know that I'm not the only one who hasn't read it, since sometimes it seems that way! Looking forward to hearing what you think of it & Timepiece once it's out :)

    My Stacking the Shelves

  10. I have Lethal Rider as well! Thanks for sharing! My StS

  11. Nice Haul (: I've only heard of Hour Glass of the books you got though. I really want to read it!

    - Kim
    My Haul

  12. I will have to check out Larissa Ione's books. I do love paranormal romance, but have never tried anything by her yet. Enjoy your Summer vacation!

    My new additions

  13. Great set! Yay for Dengeki Daisy! That's one of my fav series.
    My Bookish Recap

  14. I only read one Larissa Ione book, but I enjoyed it. I really must get to her other books soon ! :)
    I hope you enjoy all your books :)
    Happy reading !

  15. Sounds like you got some great books this week. Hourglass is on my TBR list. Hope you in enjoy your summer vacation and hope everything works out for you in your new home.

    Nancy @ The Avid Reader
    New Follower
    My STS

  16. I am a big fan of Hourglass, so I hope you enjoy it! I've been planning on reading a Larissa Ione book for awhile (I bought the first one in the Demonica series for my Kindle awhile ago), but have not had the chance to do so yet. I hear that they are really good!

  17. i got lethal rider this week too. but i gotta get my hands on the first 2 books before i can start it. excellent books this week! enjoy :)

    my new books post.


  18. Awesome books this week! I loved Hourglass! Thanks for stopping by!

  19. I also got Hourglass! Enjoy.
    Thanks for visiting My IMM


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