Monday, 25 June 2012

Reading Plan #9

On the Blog Last Week

What I Have Just Finished

Easy by Tammara Webber

Just look at the cover. Isn't it amazing? I love it and I enjoyed the book too. The review will hopefully be up soon. Expect a lot of Lucas gushing. :)

Currently Reading

Bloodrose (Nightshade #3) by Andrea Cremer

I received this book ages ago but I have just been putting it off due to the review it has been receiving. People seem to be displeased with the direction this book took and I am worried. However I cannot just leave a trilogy unfinished, especially if I only have one book to go. I want to see how it ends, even if I fear that I may not like it. 

To Read Next
Raising Demons (Hex Hall #2) by Rachel Hawkins
For those of you that may not be aware, this is the UK edition of Demonglass. I sometimes find it a little irritating when titles get changed from the US edition. It took me a little while to work out Demon Glass did not seem to have a UK cover on Amazon. This is why. Oh well as long as it is the same story I will get over it. 

I read Hex Hall at the beginning of the month and enjoyed it. I haven't written a review yet because I plan to write a series review. So I have to read this book and book 3, Spell Bound, first. I am looking forward to these.



  1. I love the cover of Raising Demons! I am not a huge fan of purple but this cover is mesmerizing. So many fantasy/sci-fi books have amazing covers. It's interesting that they change the title or the cover from US to UK. I am always thrown off when a cover is different. Happy reading!

  2. Love the Hex Hall series! I often think the UK covers are better, but I actually prefer the US covers for this series. I hope you enjoy it! Here is my list

  3. I really hope you like Bloodrose, I´m one of the persons that didn´t like the direction of the book nor the ending. I haven´t read the Hex hall series, yet.
    Happy reading!
    My It’s Monday!

  4. Isn't it interesting how things covers and titles change in various countries? I wonder if things will become more streamlined since there is more discussion between countries via the internet.
    Happy Reading!

  5. I love the sound of Easy- looking forward to your review!
    I know what you mean about the last book of trilogies- it makes or breaks the series but you need to have series closure either way!
    Have a lovely week!
    My weekly round up- :)


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