Thursday, 26 April 2012

Feature and Follow #2

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Q: Have you had a character that disappointed you? One that you fell in love with and then “broke up” with later on in either the series or a stand-alone book? Tell us about him or her.
Well off the top of my head I can think of two.

The first one is Bill from The Sookie Stackhouse novels. Bill started off as what seemed a reasonable lover and through the first few books in the series seemed like a reasonable man. I started to fall for him. Then of course, all of his secrets started to become unveiled - also Sookie started to see the better side in Eric and he is just yummier - and I fell out of favour with Bill. I may have been able to become indifferent to him however he wouldn't let Sookie go (and neither would she). Normally I would find this rather sweet, only this time I thought he was a jerk and annoying. It has gotten to that part now (Bill/Eric/Sookie love triangle) in the TV adaptation, True Blood; and I still think he is a jerk and annoying.

The second character has to be Jacob from the Twilight series. In the beginning he is the lovable friend who was their for Bella. In second novel, he became a bit more than that helping her through and I started to see him as competition for Bella's affection. However in the third one he became a bit possessive (in hindsight, Edward did too) and non accepting of her feelings. Do not even get me started on Breaking Dawn *eurgh*. (I have fallen out of favour with Edward too but that wasn't while I was reading the books, only years later after I discovered some better book boyfriends.)

What characters have you fallen out with?



  1. Oh good point! I very much preferred Eric (yummy!) and I think Jacob was annoying in New Moon lol!

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    Happy Friday!

    Natasha @ Dreamland Teenage Fantasy

  2. I completely agree!

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  3. OH GOD! I completely forgot the Sookie Stackhouse series. I mean, I never *loved* any of the characters that much, but I was very disappointed in many of them. v_v

    New GFC follower.

    Patricia // My Hop

    1. Sookie Stackhouse was one of the rare occasions where the TV was better than the books.

  4. Hah! Bill is a good one, why didn't I think of him? To be completely honest, I don't like his character in True Blood either. He's rather annoying and pesky. And don't even get me started on Twilight...

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  5. Jacob definitely changes a lot in the last book.. I'm not a big fan of Twilight, but i admit i used to like Jake's character.

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  6. Oh, I agree about Bill. Broke my heart. LOL

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  7. I totally agree with your answers! Thanks for stopping by my #FF :D I hope you have a great weekend! New follower via GFC!

  8. New follower!

    Yup, Bill turned into one boring dude.

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog. New Follower.

    I agree with Jacob but I can't help, but still love him.

  10. You're so right! About Eric/Bill (although, I've only seen the show and read the first book). And about Edward and Jacob. They are swoonworthy until you find a character that actually deserves you to fall for them! :)

    1. Yeah! When Twilight got really popular with the movie, all my friends were swooning over them and all I could say was "well you should read...". Anything else really :D

  11. {new follower here}

    I'm not a huge twilight fan - I liked the first three books but the 4th left me sad and unimpressed with the ending.


    1. Exactly how I feel. The ending sucked. All that build up for it not to end in a fight. Come on!

    2. ~ Yeah it rlly made me mad that there was no fight ... sigh. epic fail in my honest opinion.

  12. I've heard a few people list Bill, although I haven't read the series. I agree on the Jacob front. Way too possessive, like in the wedding scene. That made me lose all respect for him as a character.
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  13. Hrmm.. In the books I stopped liking him for a long time. He redeemed himself a little, but not fully. In the show, I'm liking him even less and he still hasn't changed my mind yet.

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  14. Jacob really got on my nerves too! follower you back. thanks for stopping by my blog.

  15. Thanks for stopping by! Returned the follow. :)

    P.S. I never could stand Jacob either.


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