Sunday, 8 April 2012

Hi guys! This is Becky and this is my first ever blog post.

I decided to start this blog because I suddenly had a realisation. I know this is happening at Easter instead of New Year but I was never one for following the rules. This realisation was that I will be turning 20 this year. I know that doesn’t seem that old but to me it feels like no time has gone by at all. I have been pondering on and off whether to have a book blog of my own after spending a long time following other peoples. Almost being 20, I realised that life is too short to think about things for too long and that I should just do it.

So here am!  :)  

Well, if you haven’t worked it out (which you probably have), I am 19 years old. I am currently a student studying for a degree in Biology. So, yes, I am a Science Nerd as well as a Book Nerd. Basically, I’m a bit nerdy (*cough cough*).

I love talking about books especially those that I have enjoyed. Although the occasional banter about books I didn't enjoy, with likeminded people, can be fun too. However, I totally accept that books I hated are loved by others, so I don’t want to be mean. This also means that just because I give a book a negative review doesn’t mean you are not going to enjoy it. I always say to browse around other reviews, for other peoples opinions, before deciding whether to read it or not.   

Ok, I guess I am a bit picky about what sort of books I read. I wouldn’t like to think I am but I know which genres, the books I enjoy, fall into.
The books I enjoy reading (therefore the types of book reviews that are more likely to appear on this blog) are:

Mostly YA fiction with the occasional adult title.

My favourite genres:·        
  •  Paranormal
  •  Dystopian
  •  Contemporary
I also read: 
  •  Fantasy (Urban and High)
  • Manga
  • Self-Published Titles
So I look forward to meeting you guys and talking about our greatest love; Books of course!



  1. Hi Becky! =D

    Welcome to the Blog World! woohooo! I hop you have fun and keep on posting! yay!! ^.^

    Looking forward to read you often ^^ Yay!

    btw, Im the first follower! woohooo!! =D

    Happy reading!
    Dazzling Reads

    1. Yay!! Thank you! I can't wait to get into regular posting. I have some reviews that just need some tweeking before posting so hopefully I can get some stuff up soon. :D

    2. what she said lol

      natalia is made of awesome /just saying lol

      welcome to the blogosphere

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere!


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